POS acquiring solution needed for young entrepreneurs

Posted on Jul 8, 2012 in News, Pay It Forward Requests

Can you help? I was at a networking event for mentors for The Prince’s Trust recently and one of the co-ordinators, upon learning that I had a few contacts in the cards and payments industry asked me if I could help.  The young people that the charity supports through the Enterprise scheme to set up their own business, participate in a Christmas Fair every year.  These young entrepreneurs are often in the early stage of launching their business and may only be set up to take cash and cheques.  At Christmas, of course, people often want to pay by card.  Can anyone help with providing a solution for this event so that they can take card payments or point us in the right direction?  Even if they don’t individually have a terminal, there may be a way of having a main card payment facility which is then allocated some kind of code per merchant, so that the takings can be divided up at the end.  Please contact me via the Contact page or by posting your ideas below.

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