Pay It Forward Dinner

Serving the underbanked – our moral responsibility?

Wednesday, 17th October 2012 – 6.30pm until 10pm         

Private room of a City based restaurant, London EC4

Facilitated by: 

Steve Round, Chair, The Big Issue Foundation

An informal discussion over dinner for leaders in the payments industry facilitated by Steve Round, Chair of The Big Issue Foundation and London Rebuilding Society and leading practitioner in developing access to finance for low income consumers.

There will be a drinks reception, followed by a 3 course dinner, some wine and coffee.

This is an invitation only event to ensure the right balance and seniority of guests.  Please contact us if you have an interest in attending and have not received a booking password.

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Do retail financial services providers and specifically the cards and payments community have a moral duty to deliver high quality products to vulnerable and low income consumers or those who generally do not use the financial services market fully? Is it acceptable to palm them off with simple prepaid cards, basic bank accounts or credit unions? Should the payments industry be doing more to look at ways to support the distribution of Universal Credits being introduced next year? Is it really possible to fulfil each customer’s needs whilst running a profitable business? The underbanked and unbanked tend to be cash-driven, so getting them to adopt new types of products is surely too much of an uphill challenge? With developments in technology both in banking and mobile applications for customer acquisition, account management and payments, is there scope to change the whole dynamic of cost and therefore profit even when serving these groups?

These are just some of the questions that we invite senior executives in the cards and payments industry to discuss informally over a 3 course dinner to establish if we have a moral responsibility or actually is there also a commercial opportunity?

Steve Round is a leading practitioner in developing access to finance for vulnerable and low income consumers. He has been a main board director at Unity Trust Bank, represented the credit card industry and advised organisations as diverse as GE Money, MasterCard, CCCS and Charity Bank. He has worked both in the UK and internationally developing innovative solutions. He currently runs his own business developing retail banking solutions both in the UK and India. He is  Chair of The Big Issue Foundation and London Rebuilding Society and is a non executive director at Ecology Building Society.



 Book Now  *Booking password required.  Please contact us.